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To audition Lady & The Tramps for your event, select one of the songs from the set list below the music player.

For a list of songs in Lady & The Tramp's repertoire and to confirm the band's availability for the date of your event contact SeaSoundStudio.

Performance Fees

Performance fees for Lady & The Tramps range from $800 to $2,400, depending upon the length of the performance and the travel distance to the performance site. 

Lady & The Tramps and its members regularly perform at the Irregardless Cafe, 901 W. Morgan St., Raleigh, NC 27603. To hear Lady & The Tramps in a live performance, contact SeaSoundStudio for a schedule of performance dates











Lady & The Tramps

Lady & The Tramps plays a popular blend of Rock & Roll, Top 40, Classic Rock, Jazz, Contemporary, Pop, Latin, R&B, Swing, Country, Bluegrass, Classical, Ballroom Dance, and Ethnic music, embellished with your favorite requests.  Lively, energetic and friendly, the members of Lady & The Tramps enjoy interacting with the audience to ensure they are engaged and pleased with the performance.

Featuring male and female vocals singing 3-part harmony, backed by keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion and optional woodwind and brass instruments, Lady & The Tramps can be configured for your specific needs--from three to six professional musicians.  With advance planning, each guest will hear music from his or her own era, contributing to their enjoyment of your event. 

Lady & The Tramps creates all of their music live on stage without the use of pre-recorded or sequenced music.  This is an important distinction in this day when many bands rely heavily upon pre-recorded music to embellish their performances.

Lady & the Tramps also performs as a show band.  Let the band take you back to a simpler time when life was good, kids hung out at the corner soda shop and songs were played on the jukebox.  Re-live those precious times with the tribute show Let the Good Times Rock & Roll. Great tunes of the 50s and 60s will come alive with this production performed by artists who experienced those wonderful days. 

You will reminisce over those Forgotten Favorites and be dancing in the aisles to familiar hits by Elvis, the Ventures, The Shirelles, Del Shannon, Patsy Cline, Beatles, Dave Clark Five and The Beach Boys – to name a few. This multi-talented group of performers knows how to hug the harmonies and make the instruments sing through every song.  Rekindle your youth with this interactive musical show that is suitable for all ages.

Also recognized as one of the premier dance bands in North Carolina, Lady & the Tramps is in great demand by dance clubs, restaurants, and dance studios that require precise tempos and rhythms for their skilled dance couples.

With more than 25 years of experience helping brides effectively use music to create the perfect atmosphere for their wedding day, Patrice Kaluza (the "Lady" of Lady & the Tramps) coordinates with brides, grooms and their wedding planners to ensure that the bridal couple's heritage, family traditions, personal expectations and private dreams are reflected in their reception music--creating a wedding theme that their guests will remember and they will cherish forever.

Lady & The Tramps demonstrates its professionalism and commitment to satisfying their audiences by engaging a full-time sound engineer at each of their performances.  The sound engineer continuously blends the vocals and musical instruments into an optimal mix while ensuring that the music is maintained at a pleasant volume for your guests.

Few local bands employ a sound engineer during their performances. Those bands hope that one mix and volume setting will be ideal for all songs and that it will be appropriate for the entire evening.  Some bands rely upon members of the audience to complain that the music is too loud or that they can not hear certain instruments. Truly professional bands, like Lady & The Tramps, value audience satisfaction too much to leave sound levels to chance.

Members of the band include:

  • Patrice Kaluza, band leader-keyboards, synthesizer, vocals and string bass
  • Dan Cunningham-guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals and harmonica
  • Mike Muhlada-electric bass, vocals, auxiliary percussion, "sound effects"
  • Tom Cruz-percussion, comedian (keeps us laughing)
  • Brass and woodwind players available upon request


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