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About the Show
Nick's show is different because it covers every angle with a unique Vegas spin.  The illusions, the production value and the promotion of the show all combine to provide an experience that audiences will enthusiastically embrace.  By using concert lighting, contemporary music, high-energy choreography and his beautiful assistant, Nick brings Vegas quality entertainment to your stage.

The Illusions
Nick's illusions are some of the most innovative in the industry today.  Forget about those stereotypical, rabbit-from-the-hat "hokey" tricks fro the past.  Nick's illusions are not from any catalogue.  Each illusion is one of Nick's own creations, custom-built with assistance from Chris Barnes who has built magic props for Siegfried & Roy and Michael Jackson. 

He has also been involved in building sets for MTV's The Real World, The Entertainer, and other television shows. Chris's extensive experience complements Nick's creativity and showmanship to form illusions that have an edgy, urban look through the use of contemporary metals and materials. 

Imagine a show that includes a phone booth, a sword box, and other high-end, professional props.

A Vegas Experience
Nick has been able to alter his Vegas illusions to work on stages and in auditoriums across the country because he has complete creative control.  Escaping Reality is a Vegas experience that cannot be replicated.

Production Value
Escaping Reality is so complete and well-planned that it can turn a cafeteria into a Las Vegas style showroom by delivering all of the professional lighting, sound and other elements of a Vegas quality show.

4 Wall Lighting, a major lighting supplier in Vegas, has helped to design the advanced lighting system which is automated and run off of show-control.  The show also incorporates atmosphere effects (fog), a dynamic sound system, theatre quality stage curtains.

Even the costumes have been designed by one of the foremost costume designers in the country, Isaiah, who has assisted in designing Celine Dion's wardrobe. Nick had personally considered every detail of the entire production to ensure a Vegas Show experience for your audience.

Nick Comis is committed to bringing his professionalism, energy and commitment to success to every show he performs.  He is willing to consider promoting the performance in the way that is most effective in attracting your target audience.

For each show, he provides a promotional material kit that contains the following:

  • Audio CD with 30 second radio spot
  • DVD with 30 second video spot
  • Press release with unique special interest story
  • Posters
  • Buttons
  • Postcard fliers
  • Photos

Nick Comis

Nick Comis is a young Las Vegas entertainer with knowledge and experience beyond his years.  His professional career began at the age of 13 when his combination of magic tricks with video DJ'ing sparked interest in a wide spectrum of audiences.

Nick created and presented an illusion at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention at the age of 16.  Convention officials concluded that the illusion was one of the largest presented in the organization's history that dates back to 1922.

At age 17, Nick took his genius and talents to the Vegas Strip where he was employed by major shows, marketing organizations, and production companies.  That experience provided him with a strong background in the lighting, sound and production aspects of show business. 

By age 20, Nick utilized his extensive knowledge and creative talent to produce and perform his own illusion show at the Bourbon Street--a classic hotel and casino located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.  He quickly gained respect and recognition in the city's entertainment community--an amazing and almost unheard of feat for a young performer in such a competitive entertainment market.

By mixing cutting-edge illusions with contemporary music, Nick has designed a sophisticated, authentic Vegas show that can be produced in any theatre, hall or auditorium.

Nick's illusions are some of the most innovative in the industry today.  Each illusion is one of Nick's creations, and the props are constructed with the assistance of Chris Barnes--famous builder of props for such artists as Siegfried & Roy and Michael Jackson.

Nick "escapes reality" by magically appearing in a phone booth.  He also "escapes reality" by disappearing from a chain saw while chained in a chair, reappearing in the audience.  Among his other illusions, he compresses a human into a few inches and performs the traditions swording of his assistant.  All of these illusions are performed in the style of grand performances with Four Wall Lighting, Enchanting Atmosphere, Dramatic Audio through the use of a crisp sound system and effective show curtains.

His costumes have been designed by renowned wardrobe designer, Isaih.  This interactive show is also "family friendly" and can be adapted to any age audience.

To view Nick Comis performing live, click on the "play" button in the video player below.
  To watch a specific illusion, click on the page icon in the bottom right corner of the player, then double click on the name of the illusion you want to view.

To view video in full screen mode, click on "full screen" button in the bottom right corner of the video player. 


"Absolutely Unbelievable" -- Insider Viewpoint, Las Vega

"Dazzling Illusions sure to keep you on the edge of your seat" -- Everything Las Vegas

"This Entertainer has a bright future here in Las Vegas"  -- M. Kohl, Marketing Director, Bourbon Street Casino 


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