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To audition Patrice for your event, select one of the songs from the set list below the music player.

For a list of songs in Patrice's repertoire and to confirm her availability for the date of your event contact SeaSoundStudio.

Three of the songs in the audio player above are original compositions from Patrice's upcoming CD, "Sound of Corolla": 

  • Running Wild (which captures the spirit of the wild Spanish Mustangs on North Carolina's Outer Banks),
  • Sunset Over Currituck (an audio representation of the incredibly beautiful sunsets over the Currituck Sound)
  • Drifting (that reflects the carefree flight of the pelicans and seagulls over the ocean). 

This CD will be available in 2009.


Performance Fees

Patrice's fee for a performance ranges from $200 to $2,500 depending upon the number of musicians you wish to accompany her.


Patrice Kaluza

Having performed onstage since the age of 8, Patrice classically trained as a coloratura soprano for 14 years.  She has extensive experience performing at weddings, corporate events, restaurants and retirement homes.

Her rich, three octave voice provides poetic justice for the beautiful strains you will hear in her show, “Musical Memories”, ranging from classical and jazz favorites to familiar Broadway tunes and contemporary pieces during which songs she utilizes her soprano, mezzo and alto voices. 

From the sultry strains of classic jazz to the pop music of the 60’s and 70’s, Patrice impresses audiences with her rich, melodic voice and vivacious personality. Patrice’s first public exposure singing professionally was performing with Les Paul and his band at a very young age. 

A featured soloist with the Paul Frankenfield Band, she has performed in professional theatre, as a member of the a cappella group, Synergy, and with several jazz and wedding bands. Typically performing with a Swing Band of six musicians, Patrice can also provide her own musical accompaniment on the keyboard for smaller functions. 

Ms. Kaluza has held the position of Director of Music for several churches and has been dedicated to music ministry for 30 years.  Capable of singing most styles of music, "Ms. Patrice" as her students fondly refer to her, taught voice, chorus, keyboards, guitar and ALL of the orchestral instruments for more than 25 years.

Ms. Kaluza is comfortable singing a cappella, accompanying herself, and as a soloist backed by a band or an orchestra.  She often performs with local Rock and Swing Bands, including Lady & The Tramps, but she can also provide her own musical accompaniment on the keyboard for smaller functions. 

With more than 25 years of experience helping brides effectively use music to create the perfect atmosphere for their wedding day, Patrice coordinates with brides, grooms and their wedding planners to ensure that the bridal couple's heritage, family traditions, personal expectations and private dreams are reflected in their reception music--creating a wedding theme that their guests will remember and they will cherish forever.  As a composer, Patrice can create a special song for any event and has done so for weddings and parties.  She is currently collaborating on her first CD of original New Age music where she is providing all of the instrumentation.  She anticipates it will be released in late 2009.

Also an accomplished actress, Patrice performed for regional and community theatre while in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.  She also was a stage director and writer. Her experience in theatre and on the musical stage provides her with an exceptional ability to connect with audiences of all ages.











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