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To audition Almost Recess for your event, select one of the songs from the set list below the music player. For a list of songs in Almost Recess's repertoire and to confirm their availability for the date of your event contact SeaSoundStudio.

Performance Fees

Almost Recess's fee for a performance ranges from $1,500 to $ 8,000 depending upon the number of hours they perform and the distance they must travel.



Almost Recess

Almost Recess is able to create the sound of a band using only their voices.  This avant-garde form of music is described simply as a Vocal Band, but Vocal Band does not adequately describe the beautiful harmonies, captivating percussion and incredible range of instrumental sounds created in performances by this talented group of four musicians. 

While listening to their music in the Music Player on this page, keep reminding yourself that no musical instruments other than the human voice were used in these recordings.  Their fresh and dynamic sound will dazzle even the most discerning audience.  For a unique and memorable musical performance, book this a cappella band from Raleigh, NC,  that is rapidly developing a base of loyal and devoted fans.

Dave Baumgartner (vocal percussion, bass) is a remarkably versatile vocal percussionist who honed his skills while performing with the CARA-nominated Vocal Tonic of Atlanta, GA.  He has toured the country with 4:2:Five from Orlando, FL and toured the Caribbean on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship with a doo-wop quartet.  Performing occasionally with Toxic Audio in venues across the country and on cruise ships, Dave is also a popular mouth drumming instructor, workshop panelist and performer.

Brent Stephens (tenor) amazes audiences with his incredible vocal range--transcending the traditional classification of male voices.  Brent has performed with the UNCG Spartones.  He is also an acclaimed vocal coach who has worked with groups and individuals throughout the Southeast.

Adam Decker (tenor) impresses audiences with a powerful, beautiful voice that spans an incredible four and a half octaves!  Expanding the group's musical repertoire to include rock and roll, Adam applies his melody writing and arranging skills to bring exciting new sounds to the group.

Mike Maykis (baritone) was co-founder and president of the Trocatones, the first male a cappella group at High Point University in North Carolina.  Mike has also earned three Irene Ryan nominations for his theatrical roles.

Certified as Artists in the Schools by the United Arts Council, Almost Recess presents educational programs in the schools of North Carolina and Maryland.  Through this program, Almost Recess participates in this program because the members of the band understand the importance of developing a musical foundation at a young age. Almost Recess is also certified by the United Arts Council through its Community Arts Reach program to present cultural programs to local communities. Almost Recess is excited and honored by the opportunity to expose the youth of America to a new sound using the oldest instrument - the human voice.





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