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transit's fee for a performance starts at $1,800 plus travel expenses if necessary.























TRANSIT: All Band . . . No Instruments!

A dynamic, five member vocal band with award-winning recordings and engaging live performances, transit has toured North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., and Kentucky.  From beautiful Ballads to soul-shaking Funk, transit demonstrates the power, versatility and emotion of the most natural instrument of all – the human voice. 

In 2007, transit released its debut album and was honored with 3 CARA Nominations. They won CARA Awards in the categories of Best Pop/Rock Album and Best Cover Song; they also won Runner-Up for Best Original Song.

Audiences often leave a transit live performance in amazement and disbelief, exclaiming, “How can they possibly do all that without any instruments?” Using nothing more than the human voice, transit brings to the stage the thumping rhythm of a drum set, the rumbling vibrations of an electric bass, funky guitar riffs, soulful horns and the sounds of many other common instruments.

Formed in 2005, transit is a dynamic, 5 member vocal band that emphasizes engaging live performances, inspiring recordings and continual innovation of their art form.  From beautiful Ballads to soul-shaking Funk, transit demonstrates the power, versatility and emotion of the most natural instrument of all – the human voice.

Combine five natural performers and an impressive mix of Soul, Pop, Funk and Rock music:  you have a transit live show that is sure to please even the most eclectic audiences. To view a video demonstrating the incredible vocal sound of transit in concert, stop the audio player on the top right side of the page and click the play button in the following video:

Combining soaring leads, smooth harmonies, and a thumping rhythm section, transit demonstrates the power, versatility, and emotion of the most natural instrument of all, the human voice.  I expect very few of you need much in the way of background when it comes to Transit, a relatively new vocal band that showed promise with a Best Pop/Rock cover CARA nomination in 2006 for Hide and Seek and then took the CARA's by storm this year winning Best Pop/Rock album for their eponymous debut CD and Best Pop/Rock cover for Home, while also receiving runner-up honors for Best Pop/Rock original for Whispers. Transit features a little something for everyone.  ...I have very little to say except "Wow".

Jevan Soo of Recorded A Cappella Review Board , stated:

Let's cut to the chase — the five-man vocal band Transit is worth every bit of the hype. Not a lot of groups hit the scene like this, with both first single and first album garnering CARA wins and a ton of attention. But that's because not a lot of groups have this kind of lineup to work with. "...[W]hen Transit settles in, the results are spellbinding. ... Transit finds a nice balance between melding voices and letting individual timbres shine through... .   When Transit sings from their heads, the results are impressive; when they sing from their hearts, the results are incomparable. In any case, go get this album immediately for a taste of the group on top now and likely for years to come.

After reviewing the album, Elie Landau of the Recorded A Cappella Review Board provided transit with a perfect "5" rating for their first recorded work based on perfect scores for "Tuning/blend", Energy/Intensity, Innovation/Creativity, Sound/Production, Repeat Listenability and Soloists.  He concluded his review with the following comments:



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