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Memorable Musical Moments
As a special gift to memorialize a wedding, consider purchasing a customized photographic slide show with a musical soundtrack of your choice from SeaSoundStudio ENTERTAINMENT.  If you have a favorite poem, special message or original music that you would like to have recorded as a soundtrack for photographs capturing the important events of a special individual's life or the spirit of a holiday, call SeaSoundStudio ENTERTAINMENT for details.





















Wedding Tip
Local bands can be hired for the same price as some DJ's, and live bands create a ceremonial atmosphere for your special day that can not be achieved with pre-recorded music alone.

Live Band Plus DJ Special
By booking both a live band and a DJ through SeaSoundStudio Entertainment, you can enjoy the best of both for approximately the same cost as a DJ alone.

Audio Clips
To audition artists for your event, select an artist using the navigation buttons on the left.  Alternatively, select one of the songs from the artists featured in the set list below the music player.
For more information on the artists performing the songs in the music player, visit the following pages:

Dan Cunningham (Guitar): Classical Artists Page

Lady & The Tramps (Rock & Pop Band): Lady & The Tramps Page

Patrice Kaluza (Vocalist): Patrice Kaluza Page

Band or DJ?

When considering whether you should hire a band or DJ, consider the style of your party. If you want ambience and entertainment, you need a band; if you only want to dance, consider a DJ. If you want both for your special day, consider the special rates offered by SeaSoundStudio when you hire both a live band and a DJ.
























Wedding Events

Successful, theme weddings don't just happen; they are carefully planned to the last detail, often including a carefully selected motif in all communications and activities. By carefully considering the bridal couple's heritage, family traditions, personal expectations and private dreams, SeaSoundStudio can assist the wedding couple in creating a wedding theme that their guests will remember and they will cherish forever.

If the bridal couple does not have a wedding planner, SeaSoundStudio begins the process by asking the style and the mood the couple wants for their wedding day and the budget they wish to allocate to creating the theme. SeaSoundStudio then assists the bridal couple in developing the wedding's theme which will be reflected in the bridal showers, wedding announcements, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, wedding reception and "Thank You" cards.

SeaSoundStudio can assist you in planning the music for your special day after discussing with you the topics on the Wedding Music Planning Page.  If you request, SeaSoundStudio Entertainment will also assist you in incorporating your theme into the essential elements of your wedding: Marriage Vows; Ceremony Readings; Ceremony Music; Reception Music; Wedding Party Attire; Wedding Program; and Decorations. If the bridal couple does have a wedding planner SeaSoundStudio Entertainment will assist the wedding planner and the bridal couple in selecting music to reinforce the wedding's theme.

Ceremony Music

Music that reinforces the theme of your wedding and that appeals to the various generations and cultural backgrounds for your guests is an essential element of your wedding planning. The music you choose guides your guests through the ceremony, integrates your wedding's theme, and expresses your perspective, whether it's religious, cultural or personal. If you are planning a religious ceremony, there may be guidelines or restrictions on the music you can play during the ceremony. SeaSoundStudio can coordinate with you and the officiant of your wedding to select music that is personally meaningful and reinforces your wedding's theme while satisfying any constraints imposed by the officiant.

SeaSoundStudio Entertainment can advise you of which combination of musical instruments would best serve your needs--organ, piano, synthesizer, harp, guitar, violin, string ensemble, flute, trumpet, brass ensemble, clarinet, saxophone, string bass, even percussion. SeaSoundStudio Entertainment can recommend professional musical groups with the required combination of instruments that have experience playing for wedding ceremonies. After you make your selection, SeaSoundStudio can contract with those musicians to perform at your wedding ceremony and communicate your wishes so that you can concentrate on other important wedding plans, knowing the music will be professionally managed.  For a detailed description of the five phases of a wedding ceremony, refer to our Ceremony Music Page.

Reception Music

Essential to reinforcing your wedding's theme are the songs to set the mood during cocktails, to encourage conversation while dining, and to stimulate dancing after dinner. SeaSoundStudio can handle these elements of your music planning after discussing with you the topics discussed on the Wedding Music Planning Page.

Reception music must be appropriate for the formality of your reception and should be determined by the mood and ambience you wish to create. The tone you set with music is one of the best ways to personalize your wedding reception, whether the music is provided by a live band, a DJ or both.

Music helps create the atmosphere of your wedding, and special songs will make your reception unique. When selecting songs for your reception, consider the age and musical preference of your guests. SeaSoundStudio can help you choose a reliable band or DJ that will play the type of music you request, and you can be assured that SeaSoundStudio will only recommend professionals who have experience performing at wedding receptions and helping newlyweds' dreams come true on their wedding day.

When planning your music, you need to select songs for each event during the reception: Cocktail Hour; Newlyweds' Entrance; Dinner Music; Newlyweds' First Dance; Family Dances; Toasts; Bouquet Toss; Garter Removal and Toss; Cake Cutting; Money Dance; Ethnic Dances; Last Dance.

Reception Artists

Music at Wedding Receptions typically is performed by a wedding band--a band that is familiar with many styles of music and has a large repertoire of music. Lady & The Tramps is an excellent example of such a band, particularly because the band can even play ballroom dance music.  If the wedding couple desires a more formal theme, SeaSoundStudio Entertainment offers many different types of Classical or Jazz Ensembles on our Classical Artists Page and our Jazz & Swing Artists Page, including string quartet, string trio, string duo, woodwind and string duo, harp and string/woodwind duo, or simply a solo instrument such as a violin, piano, guitar or harp.

For a country theme, select one of the artists from our Country & Bluegrass Page to play Mountain Music, traditional Country Music or Bluegrass music native to North Carolina. 

If the bridal couple wants ethnic music played during the wedding reception, request one of the artists from our Ethnic Music Page.    These artists offer music ranging from traditional Renaissance Music of the 1200's and 1300's to modern Celtic tunes and the unique sounds of a Mariachi Band, Steel Drum Band, Italian Band, German Band, Greek Band, Irish Band, or Hawaiian Music.

If you are seeking a national artist, consider booking Ed Shaughnessy who many consider to be the world's greatest drummer, backed by a 12-piece Big Band.  

For the ultimate musical experience book an 18 piece Big Band with a Vocal Impressionist who can bring all of your favorite musical stars to the reception--Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Cher, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis and many of the other greatest vocalists of all time. For more information on the incredible "Voices of Legends" show, go to our page on The Todd Sullivan Orchestra, starring Eric Kearns.

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