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Anita Burroughs-Price (Harp): Classical Artists Page

Patrice Kaluza (Synthesizer): Patrice Kaluza Page

Dan Cunningham (Guitar):
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Hospitals: Music Heals

The idea of bringing music to patients in hospitals began after World War I when professional and amateur musicians went to the Veteran's Hospitals around the country to play for thousands of Veterans suffering from physical or emotional trauma. 

The patients notable physical and emotional responses to the music caused the doctors and nurses to request that the hospitals hire musicians to play for the patients.



Music in the hospital accomplishes several objectives:

  • Reduce the sensation of pain in conjunction with anesthesia or pain medications
  • Elevate the mood of patients and reduce the chance of depression
  • Promote movement of patients in physical rehabilitation
  • Calm or sedate patients, often with the purpose of inducing restful sleep
  • Reduce apprehension and fear in patients
  • Decrease muscle tension of patients


All patients can benefit from the calming and healing effects of music, but patients for whom music seems to provide the greatest benefit are the following:

  • Infants and Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults and the elderly with developmental and learning disabilities
  • Alzheimer's patients and those suffering from other aging related conditions
  • Substance abuse patients
  • Individuals with brain injuries
  • Surgical patients
  • Patients with physical disabilities
  • Patients suffering acute or chronic pain, including mothers in labor
  • Cancer patients and others with terminal illnesses.

All types of music can benefit patients, but classical musicians are often selected, especially harpists and pianists.  See our Classical Artists Page to select the classical artists who would best fulfill the needs of your patients.

If your patients would respond better to the sounds of Jazz & Swing or if you would like to offer a variety of music, audition the artists on our Jazz & Swing Artists Page.

You may also want to consider the artists on our Country & Bluegrass Page or on our Rock & Pop Page for patients who prefer those genres of music.


At least two of the hospitals in the RTP area have formally incorporated the benefits associated with the performing arts into their patient care programs:

  • Duke Hospital:  Duke offers the benefits of music to their patients through its Health Arts Network at Duke (HAND) program.
  • UNC Hospitals:  UNC arranges for artists to perform for patients through its Door to Door healing arts program.

For more information on the artists who would be most appropriate for performing for your patients contact SeaSoundStudio ENTERTAINMENT.


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