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Selecting a classical ensemble to play for the cocktail hour of your reception and requesting that some of the musicians arrive early to play at the reception can reduce the total cost of music for your wedding day while increasing the quality of the music at your ceremony.

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To audition artists for your event, select an artist using the navigation buttons on the left.  Alternatively, select one of the songs from the artists featured in the set list below the music player.

For more information on the artists performing the songs in the music player, visit the following pages:

Dan Cunningham (Guitar): Classical Artists Page

Lady & The Tramps (Rock & Pop Band): Lady & The Tramps Page

Patrice Kaluza (Vocalist): Patrice Kaluza Page




"I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance. . .

A Church filled with flowers, friends and beautiful music. . .

I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for. . .

He said one that would make me his wife." ~Anonymous

The process of planning for your wedding, the happiest day of your life, can be overwhelming. By booking musicians through SeaSoundStudio, you will have one less decision about which to worry. All of the musicians provided by SeaSoundStudio are experienced professionals; most of our talented musicians have more than 20 years of performing experience.

Selecting the perfect songs and musicians for your wedding ceremony will be some of the most important decisions you make--the wedding ceremony is the highlight of your wedding day. The music must be perfect--the perfect songs played by professional musicians at the perfect moment. Wedding Ceremony Music is the music played during the wedding ceremony and includes music selected for the five phases of the ceremony:

  • PRELUDE MUSIC: Prelude music is played approximately 15 to 30 minutes before the ceremony begins while the guests are being seated.
  • PROCESSIONAL MUSIC: Processional music is played as the wedding party enters the wedding ceremony venue. Often, special music is selected to accompany the Mothers' Entrances, the Bridal Party's Procession, and the Grand Appearance of the Bride.
  • CEREMONY MUSIC: Ceremony music is played during the wedding ceremony. When selected with the assistance of a wedding music planner, ceremony music will reinforce meaningful readings, emphasize memorable moments during the ceremony and serve as an inspiration to the Bride and Groom as well as the wedding party and guests. To make your ceremony truly unique, the music planning professional will discuss your favorite music, personal interests and dreams for your future together before recommending music to make your ceremony memorable for you and your guests.
  • RECESSIONAL MUSIC: Recessional music is played as the wedding party leaves the wedding ceremony venue and includes the Exuberant Recessional of the newly joined Husband and Wife.
  • POSTLUDE MUSIC: Postlude music is played while guests leave the wedding ceremony venue.



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