Birthday Tip
Local bands can be hired for the same price as some DJ's, and live bands create a ceremonial atmosphere for your special day that can not be achieved with pre-recorded music alone.

Live Band Plus DJ Special
By booking both a live band and a DJ through SeaSoundStudio Entertainment, you can enjoy the best of both for approximately the same cost as a DJ alone.

Audio Clips
To audition artists for your event, select an artist using the navigation buttons on the left.  Alternatively, select one of the songs from the artists featured in the set list below the music player.
For more information on the artists performing the songs in the music player, visit the following pages:

Lady & The Tramps (Variety Band): Lady & The Tramps Page

Dan Cunningham (Guitarist): Classical Artists Page

Marilyn Wienand (Harpist): Marilyn Wienand Page

Patrice Kaluza (Vocalist): Patrice Kaluza Page

Anita Burroughs-Price (Harpist): Anita Burroughs-Price Page

Band or DJ?

When considering whether you should hire a band or DJ, consider the style of your party. If you want ambience and entertainment, you need a band; if you only want to dance, consider a DJ. If you want both for your special day, consider the special rates offered by SeaSoundStudio when you hire both a live band and a DJ.



Birthdays and Holidays have been celebrated for centuries and often include some form of music to enhance and reinforce the significant occasions.  The most commonly celebrated holidays are the religious holidays with which most are familiar: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Easter, and other days that memorialize important events.

Many of the musicians represented by SeaSoundStudio have broad experience playing for birthdays, Holidays and celebrations of other important events.

SeaSoundStudio Entertainment was conceived to blend music and decor into the creation of an artistic dimension that elevates your celebration from a party to a gala event to be remembered forever by all who attend.  With over 25 years experience planning music for private celebrations, J. Patrice Kaluza, the Director of SeaSoundStudio, strives to make your dreams for a perfect birthday or holiday celebration a reality.

In addition to the musicians and musical groups described below, select from the specialty performers described on our Specialty Artists Page: Clowns, Roving Magicians, Illusionist and Strolling Musicians.


Holidays are one of the most popular times to plan a party or celebration. Parties with a Holiday Theme are among the easiest to plan because decorations, party favors and other holiday related merchandise are readily available at your local Party Supply Store. Contact SeaSoundStudio for information about performers who offer musical programs for various holidays, including the following:

New Year's Eve
Mother's Day
New Year's Day
Father's Day
Veteran's Day
Valentine' s Day
Memorial Day
St. Patrick's Day
Fourth of July
Christmas Eve
Labor Day


Certain artists represented by SeaSoundStudio Entertainment offer highly popular musical programs: Golden Oldies (20's,30's,40's); Prom Night; Sadie Hawkins Dance; or Sock Hop (50's, 60's); Disco Fever; Mardi Gras or "Prohibition".   For additional information about the keyboardist and vocalist for these programs, go to J. Patrice Kaluza's Page. For further information about the band that frequently plays at holiday parties, go to our Lady & The Tramps Page.

To customize these popular programs for your celebration or to create a unique musical program specifically for your celebration, Patrice will meet with you personally to discuss your vision for a memorable event.  During that meeting, she will review options for music and/or decor to create the desired ambience for your birthday or holiday.  She can assist you in developing a customized theme that reflects your personal style while capturing the spirit of the individual celebrating their birthday or the history of the holiday you are celebrating.

If you desire to create a more formal theme select from the artists identified on our Classical Artists Page. If the birthday or holiday celebration you are planning will have a more festive atmosphere at which dancing will be encouraged, consider one of the ensembles on our Jazz & Swing Page.  If you are celebrating an ethnic holiday or desire ethnic music for the birthday celebration you are planning, consider the artists on our Ethnic Artists Page.

If you desire to create a theme that appeals to those who enjoy country music, consider the musicians on our Country & Bluegrass Page. If you desire to satisfy the musical interests of many generations consider one of the bands on our Rock & Pop Page.



Hollywood Theme

Throw a party reminiscent of Tinseltown's glory days for your movie buff. Decorate the room in black and white or fill the walls with old movie posters.  Suggest that your guests come dressed in black and white only, or as their favorite movie star. Place photos of the Guest of Honor inside faux movie-reel frames (easy to make with black and white poster board). Serve beverages in martini glasses. Hire one of the bands from our Rock & Pop Artists Page or our Jazz & Swing Artists Page to play movie themes and music from the decade upon which you want your theme to focus.

Disco Party

Gather some relics of '70s splendor like lava lamps, beaded curtains, and macrame. Ask your guests to come dressed in their disco finest. For food, serve cheese and chocolate fondue. Pick up some inexpensive oversized sunglasses at the drugstore for guests to sport. Hire a band from our Rock & Pop Artists Page that plays disco and '70s music or hire a DJ from our DJ's Page to play that music.

Western Birthday

Two-step into another year with a cowboy birthday party. For seating you can stack hay bales tied with twine, and cover tables with checkerboard tablecloths. Serve barbeque and baked beans. Make centerpieces out of ceramic or plastic boots (available at your local craft store) or canning jars filled with wildflowers. Select a band from our Country & Bluegrass Artists Page to play your favorite country tunes and learn how to square dance.  Serve drinks out of old-fashioned beer mugs.

Rock Star Party

Select the favorite rock star or band of the person for whom you are planning the party.  Ask your guests to dress as members of their favorite rock band (KISS would be a fun choice).  Bake a cake in the shape of a guitar.  Suggest that your guests bring their "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero" games to have competitions.  Rely on your guests for entertainment or hire one of the bands from our Rock & Pop Artists Page,  or one of the DJ's on our DJ's Page, to play the music of rock stars from a certain time period.

Pirate Party

This is a fun theme for which guests can dress as pirates.  Use old rum or wine bottles filled with flowers as centerpieces.  For games, play "Walk The Plank": place a 2" x 4" x 8' piece of lumber on the floor, blindfold the guests and ask them to walk the plank without falling off.  Their prize can be a toy telescope!  Play one of the famous pirate movies on the TV.  Hire one of the artists or bands from our Specialty Artists Page to play authentic period music such as Sea Shanty's, and the guests can sing along.  SeaSoundStudio Entertainment recommends a band consisting of accordion, guitar, bass and woodwind or string instrument.


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