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Bands plus DJ's --The Best of Both Worlds

If you are seeking a DJ to provide the music for  a part of your Special Event contact SeaSoundStudio for information on DJ/Band Combination Packages. Although pre-recorded music will never create the atmosphere of a live band, you may want to consider combining the excitement and tradition of a live band with the modern image of a DJ playing CD's and MP3's.

Through its extensive network of artists and DJ's, SeaSoundStudio can assist you in matching the right band with the ideal DJ to create the image you are seeking for your event--often for not much more than the cost of a DJ alone.

Certain DJ's are highlighted below, but contact SeaSoundStudio with your specific entertainment need because we have access to a large network of musicians in addition to those identified on this page.

Island Sound specializes in making a variety of events fun and exciting. From Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to special Greek events, they provide music for all special events. The DJ's at Island Sound have extensive experience in performing events for all ages and cultures. 

Each of the Island Sound DJ's specializes in a specific area.  For example, one DJ is a Ballroom Dance expert who can play Ballroom Dance music and teach you the steps if you desire.  They have provided music at events for ages 6 to 90, and everywhere in between.  Typically attired in tuxedos, the DJ's are also prepared to dress appropriately for theme parties as shown in the picture.

Island Sound specialize in making your wedding an event like none you have ever seen.  Island Sound can personalize your song list and create specialized formal dance songs.  Island Sound can even project a unique image of your names or monogram on a wall or dance floor for your special day.  Island Sound DJ's are also available to travel to the location of your destination wedding if you request.

Island Sound has performed at several pool party events including private and apartment complex parties. They also do events at several public and private membership pool facilities such as: Springdale pool, North Hills Club, Cary Park Club, and Hawthorne Swim Club just to name a few.

Island Sound has provided entertainment to many national, as well as regional companies. Some of our satisfied clients include: Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox Corporation, AAA, Lenscrafters, First Federal Bank, REX Healthcare, McDonalds, and many more.

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