Religious Events

All religions celebrate important events in the lives of their members.  The most commonly celebrated events are the Religious Holidays with which most are familiar: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Easter, and other days that memorialize important events of the major religions.  Most religions also celebrate important events in the lives of their members: weddings, sacraments, bar/bat mitzvahs, even burial ceremonies.

Religious events have been celebrated for centuries and usually include some form of music to enhance and reinforce the significant occasions.

Many of the musicians represented by SeaSoundStudio Entertainment have broad experience playing for different types of religious ceremonies and events.  As a Director of Music and Pastoral Musician for many years, Patrice Kaluza (the Director of SeaSoundStudio) has the experience to assist you in planning the appropriate music to tastefully celebrate the event you are planning.

If you desire to create a more formal theme select from the artists identified on our Classical Artists Page:  organists, pianists, string ensembles (duo, trio or quartet), brass ensembles, harpists, flutists, vocalists or a cappella groups. If the event you are planning will have a more festive atmosphere at which dancing will be encouraged, consider one of the ensembles on our Jazz & Swing Page who play the following instruments:  Piano, Synthesizer, Guitar, String Bass, Electric Bass, Percussion, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Stringed Instruments.  You may also want to consider artists on our Ethnic Artists Page.

If you desire traditional guitar, banjo or fiddle music to create your theme, consider the musicians on our Country & Bluegrass Page. If you seek music that will satisfy the musical interests of many generations consider one of the bands on our Rock & Pop Page, especially Lady & The Tramps,a band thatcan play rock 'n roll, country, beach, jazz, swing, pop and even ballroom dance music.



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