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Theatre Ideas
Tap into the popularity of performers from the Lawrence Welk Show by booking "Three Wunnerful Women", Ken Delo, Bob Havens, Dick Dale Mary Lou Metzger, Gail Farrell and Ava Barber through SeaSoundStudio Entertainment

The Lawrence Welk Show is the longest running syndicated television show in history.  According to PBS stations in North Carolina, the show continues to be one of the most popular programs they carry and consistently generates high levels of contributions during their fund raising activities.

Audio Clips
To audition artists for your theatre go to the pages on which they are featured or select one of the songs from the artists featured on this page by clicking on their name in the music player .
For more information on the artists performing the songs in the music player, visit the following pages:

Spancil Hill (Rock & Pop Band): Spancil Hill Page

Bay Street Brassworks (Brass Ensemble): Bay Street Brassworks Page

Eric Kearns with Todd Sullivan Orchestra: Todd Sullivan Orchestra Page

Ramon Kenan (Trumpet):
Ramon Kenan Page

Dan Cunningham (Guitar): Country & Bluegrass Page

Lady & The Tramps (Variety Band): Lady & The Tramps Page

Bob Havens (Dixieland Music)
Bob Havens Page








As a member of the North Carolina Presenters Consortium (N.C.P.C.), SeaSoundStudio Entertainment can assist you in booking a variety of performers to fit every budget. 

Representing national, regional and local entertainers in many different genres, SeaSoundStudio Entertainment can provide theatres with the following types of performers: Country Artists & Bands, Vocal Impressionist, Tribute Shows, Ethnic Music, Classical Musicians, Dixieland Bands, A Cappella (Vocal) Bands, Contemporary & Christian Bands, Big Bands, Magicians, Illusionist Shows, Children's Entertainment, Educational Shows and Residency Programs.

Before any band, musician or performer is accepted onto the SeaSoundStudio Entertainment roster, the artist's professionalism and competence are carefully screened and auditioned.  Many of the entertainers are members of Musician's Unions, Equity or other professional guilds.

Contact SeaSoundStudio ENTERTAINMENT for assistance in selecting the ideal performers to suit the needs of your community and your theatre.


If your theatre is interested in a Classical Music ensemble, review the artists on our Classical Artists Page.

If your theatre is interested in a Jazz Music ensemble, audition the artists on our Jazz & Swing Page.

If you are seeking a magic, illusion or other specialty act, go to our Specialty Artists Page, and if you are interested in a show featuring Rock Music or Pop Music, go to our Rock & Pop Page.

Otherwise, consider booking one or more of the following shows for your theatre's season.


The artists represented by SeaSoundStudio Entertainment offer several Stage Shows that would enhance the entertainment quality of your theatre's season and encourage patrons to purchase season tickets for future seasons.  Those Stage Shows include the following:

"A Tribute to Johnny Carson" starring legendary Ed Shaughnessy accompanied by his 12 piece Big Band

"Escaping Reality", a Magic and Illusion Show from Las Vegas, starring Nick Comis, a talented young artist who has refined his skills to impress the demanding audiences in Las Vegas

"Grand Ladies of Country", a tribute show to country music's greatest legends, starring dynamic country favorites Leona Williams, Ava Barber and Mary Lou Turner.  They recently closed a long-running show at the God and Country Theatre in Branson, MO after performing at "The Grand Ole Opry"--the number one attraction in Nashville, TN.

"Ken Delo: One Man Show" starring the brilliant, endearing Ken Delo of The Lawrence Welk Show, backed by an 8 piece band.

"Let the Good Times Rock 'n Roll", a 50's/60's multi-media Revival Show by the multi-talented Lady & The Tramps.

"Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show", a Country, Dixieland and Pop Show by former stars of The Lawrence Welk Show, including Bob Havens--one of the greatest trombonists in the history of the United States.

"The Deep Magic of Joshua Lozoff", a unique, interactive Magic Show, starring the ingenious and accomplished Joshua Lozoff

"The Satchmo Show" a tribute show to the life and music of Louis Armstrong, starring Ramon Kenan, one of the finest trumpeters in America, who is accompanied by a trio of talented musicians.

"Voices of Legends" show starring the remarkable and extremely talented Eric Kearns who is accompanied by the 18 piece Todd Sullivan Orchestra from New York City.

"Almost Recess", an A Cappella Group (Vocal Band) composed of four incredibly talented young men who perform multiple styles of music, using only the human voice:  the doo-wop classics of the 50's to today's Top 40 and everything in between!

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