For the ultimate musical experience book an 18 piece Big Band from New York City with a fantastic Vocal Impressionist who can bring all of your favorite musical stars to the conference--Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis, Cher, Barry Manilow and many of the other greatest vocalists of all time.  For more information on the incredible "Voices of Legends" show, go to the Todd Sullivan Orchestra, starring Eric Kearns Page for a detailed description of this show and to listen to incredible audio clips of their performance.

If you want to emphasize the music of a particular ethnic group or you want to celebrate an ethnic holiday that occurs during your conference, request one of the artists from our Ethnic Music Page.    These artists offer music ranging from traditional Renaissance Music of the 1200's and 1300's to Celtic tunes and the unique sounds of Bapipes as well as the following bands: Mariachi,Steel Drum, Italian, German Irish, Greek and Hawaiian.



Conventions often attract participants across many age groups with diverse backgrounds so consider varying the musical theme at different events during the convention to appeal to the greatest number of attendees.  Music at Conventions typically is intended to attract large audiences.

The music must be stimulating, entertaining and of the highest qualtiy.  SeaSoundStudio Entertainment has many different artists who satisfy these requirements.  The specific arists who can best serve the unique needs of your convention depend upon the purpose of your event and the entertainment theme that will best reinforce that purpose.


On the first day of your convention, you might want to relax your attendees in preparation for a pleasant conference experience with the soothing strains of a classical ensemble from our Classical Artists Page.  Select the perfect ensemble from options that include a string quartet, string trio, string duo, woodwind and string duo, harp and string/woodwind duo, or simply a solo instrument such as a solo violin, piano, classical guitar or harp.  For after dinner dancing and entertainment, a live jazz ensemble from our Jazz & Swing Artists Page is always a popular option.  With the versatility of their classical counterparts,SeaSoundStudio Entertainment's jazz ensembles can be arranged and combined to best fit your corporate event's musical needs.

Alternatively, you might start your convention with a roving magician or strolling musicians from our Specialty Artists Page to serve as an icebreaker during cocktails and book a jazz trio or quartet from our Jazz & Swing Artists Page during dinner. Consider a Rock 'n Roll Show or Variety Band from our Rock & Pop Page for after dinner entertainment to prepare attendees for an exciting convention. 


To reinforce a supportive or cooperative theme at your convention, you could book a Country & Bluegrass Band from our Country & Bluegrass Page for the cocktail reception with a contemporary Vocal Band from our Specialty Artists Page to dazzle guests during dinner by creating music with full instrumentation using only the human voice.  Depending upon the atmosphere you wish to create, you may consider as an alternative, a versatile brass ensemble from our Jazz & Swing Artists Page that performs a wide variety of musical genres ranging from classical music to Dixieland jazz, show tunes, classic rock, movie themes and everything in between!

To create a local theme for your convention, select one of the artists from our Country & Bluegrass Page to play Mountain Music, traditional Country Music or Bluegrass Music native to North Carolina.  If you are seeking nationally recognized artists, read the bios and listen to the music of Country Legend Ava Barber or the "Grand Ladies of Country" who recently closed a long-running show at the God and Country Theatre in Branson, MO after performing at "The Grand Ole Opry"-- the number one attraction in Nashville, TN.


For the final night of the convention imagine a roving magician from our Speciality Artists Page engaging the crowd during cocktails leading up to a fabulous  after dinner illusion show, described on our Specialty Artists Page. If you are seeking a national artist, consider booking Ed Shaughnessy who many consider to be the world's greatest drummer, backed by a 12-piece Big Band.

For all of the entertainment at your next conference or if you need help in selecting a musical theme to reinforce the objectives of your conference, contact SeaSoundStudio Entertainment.


The artists represented by SeaSoundStudio offer several Stage Shows that would enhance the convention experience and encourage attendees to attend future conferences, including the following:

"A Tribute to Johnny Carson" starring Ed Shaughnessy accompanied by his 12 piece Big Band

"Escaping Reality", a Magic and Illusion Show from Las Vegas, starring Nick Comis

"Grand Ladies of Country", a tribute show to country music's greatest legends, starring Leona Williams, Ava Barber and MaryLou Turner

"Ken Delo: One Man Show" starring Ken Delo of The Lawrence Welk Show

"Let the Good Times Rock 'n Roll", a 50's/60's Revival Show by Lady & The Tramps

"Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show", a Country, Dixieland and Pop Show by former stars of The Lawrence Welk Show

"The Deep Magic of Joshua Lozoff", a unique, interactive Magic Show by Joshua Lozoff

"The Satchmo Show" a tribute show to the life and music of Louis Armstrong, starring Ramon Kenan accompanied by his trio

"Voices of Legends" show starring Eric Kearns accompanied by the 18 piece Todd Sullivan Orchestra from New York City


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