Wedding Tip
Local bands can be hired for the same price as some DJ's, and live bands create a ceremonial atmosphere for your special day that can not be achieved with pre-recorded music alone.

Live Band Plus DJ Special
By booking both a live band and a DJ through SeaSoundStudio Entertainment, you can enjoy the best of both for approximately the same cost as a DJ alone.

Audio Clips
To audition artists for your event, select an artist using the navigation buttons on the left.  Alternatively, select one of the songs from the artists featured in the set list below the music player.

For more information on the artists performing the songs in the music player, visit the following pages:

Dan Cunningham (Guitar): Classical Artists Page

Lady & The Tramps (Rock & Pop Band): Lady & The Tramps Page

Patrice Kaluza (Vocalist): Patrice Kaluza Page

Wedding Trends

To satisfy the musical tastes of multiple generations and to draw all guests onto the dance floor, hire a live band for cocktail music, dinner music and for the first family dances; then finish the reception with a DJ to energize the younger guests.  For more information visit our Wedding Music Planning Page.

To create a wedding that reflects the uniqueness of the bridal couple, select a theme that captures the couple's spirit and reflects their interests. 

To celebrate your marriage in grand style, select a destination to which you and your guests will travel for the ceremony and reception. (SeaSoundStudio Entertainment has contacts at destinations from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Las Vegas.) For more information review the content on the main portion of this page..

For more information about recent trends in wedding ceremonies and receptions, visit our Tying The Knot Trends Page. 



In the past ten years, destination weddings have increased by 10% as reported by Conde Nast Magazine. Unfortunately, destination wedding planning has it's own set of challenges.

Your ability to successfully manage the planning process depends upon the following factors: Personal Time Availability; Area Familiarity; Wedding Size; and Budget. You should contact a local planner or coordinator to manage the details if any of the following factors exist: (1) You are planning a mid-sized to large destination wedding; (2) You do not have at least ten hours per week for planning; or (3) You have a tight budget.

If your dream is a wedding ceremony on the beach with the waves crashing in the distance, the seagulls flying overhead and the spirit of the ocean raising up your ceremony, contact SeaSoundStudio Entertainment to discuss their experience with beach weddings and ask about the special "Outer Banks Wedding Package".

Through years of experience working with the vendors and wedding venues on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, SeaSoundStudio can assist you in planning the ultimate beach wedding of which you dream. SeaSoundStudio was originally conceived as an organization that would blend music and decor into the creation of an artistic dimension that could elevate your beach wedding into a gala event remembered forever by all who attend.

Consider "retreating" to a home on the beach, by the lake or in the mountains to free the minds of your management team so they can think "outside the box".  SeaSoundStudio ENTERTAINMENT can assist you with a "Beach Retreat" on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina at "Castle by the Sea" -- a 7-bedroom oceanfront home with 40 foot heated pool and waterfall, hot tub and 5 whirlpool tubs that accommodates 16-18 people, and "Castle in the Air" -- a 6-bedroom semi-oceanfront home with 40 foot heated pool, mini-waterslide, hot tub and 2 whirlpool tubs that accommodates 14 -16 people. 

After meeting personally with you, the Director of SeaSoundStudio will discuss with you the music and decor options to develop a customized theme that reflects your desired style. If you request, SeaSoundStudio will assist you in personalizing vows, selecting meaningful ceremony readings, choosing inspirational instrumental and vocal music. SeaSoundStudio can even assist you in designing and printing unique wedding programs that memorialize the members of your wedding party and the other participants in your wedding ceremony.

SeaSoundStudio can assist you in creating the perfect atmosphere for your Wedding Reception. After assisting you in defining a theme for your beach wedding, SeaSoundStudio can design a creative decor that unveils your theme with the appropriate color scheme and custom made table centerpieces. SeaSoundStudio can assist you in identifying a venue at a local church or oceanfront mansion for your wedding ceremony as well as a hotel, restaurant or oceanfront mansion for your wedding reception..

On the Weddings page, find suggestions for your beach wedding in the following areas: Wedding Planning, Ceremony Music, Reception Music, Music Planning, "Tying the Knot" Trends in music, Vendor Recommendations and answers to other Frequently Asked Music Questions.



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