Wedding Tip
Local bands can be hired for the same price as some DJ's, and live bands create a ceremonial atmosphere for your special day that can not be achieved with pre-recorded music alone.

Live Band Plus DJ Special
By booking both a live band and a DJ through SeaSoundStudio Entertainment, you can enjoy the best of both for approximately the same cost as a DJ alone.

Audio Clips
To audition artists for your event, select an artist using the navigation buttons on the left.  Alternatively, select one of the songs from the artists featured in the set list below the music player.

For more information on the artists performing the songs in the music player, visit the following pages:

Dan Cunningham (Guitar): Classical Artists Page

Lady & The Tramps (Rock & Pop Band): Lady & The Tramps Page

Patrice Kaluza (Vocalist): Patrice Kaluza Page

Wedding Trends

To satisfy the musical tastes of multiple generations and to draw all guests onto the dance floor, hire a live band for cocktail music, dinner music and for the first family dances; then finish the reception with a DJ to energize the younger guests.  For more information visit our Wedding Music Planning Page.

To create a wedding that reflects the uniqueness of the bridal couple, select a theme that captures the couple's spirit and reflects their interests. 

To celebrate your marriage in grand style, select a destination to which you and your guests will travel for the ceremony and reception. (SeaSoundStudio Entertainment has contacts at destinations from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Las Vegas.) For more information visit our Destination Weddings Page.

For more information about recent trends in wedding ceremonies and receptions, visit our Tying The Knot Trends Page. 


















"Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction."

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Planning your wedding can be fun and exciting. It can also be very stressful. Many new couples have ideas for the wedding ceremony venue and the location for their wedding reception. Some new couples even know who they want in their bridal party and what they will wear. Few new couples plan the music for their wedding ceremony and reception until shortly before their wedding, and most don't know where to start in selecting music to reinforce the theme or location of their wedding.

Music is like a golden thread woven throughout your wedding day, evoking emotions and creating a connection between you and your guests. From the ceremony selections to the cocktail hour, then to your reception dinner and dancing, your music helps to bring each wonderful moment to life.

For assistance from a professional with over 25 years of experience in planning wedding music, click on the preceding links or on the photographs in the following descriptions of Artistic Planning, Ceremony Music, Reception Music, Music Planning, "Tying the Knot" Trends in music, and Vendor Recommendations.

Placeholder ImageArtistic Planning

By carefully considering the bridal couple's heritage, family traditions, personal expectations and private dreams, we can help you to conceive a wedding theme that your guests will remember and you will cherish forever. On the Artistic Planning page, find suggestions on integrating your vows, ceremony readings, music, attire and decorations into the perfect theme for your wedding.


Placeholder ImageCeremony Music

Music is an important part of your ceremony, from your first step down the aisle to the moment you are pronounced man and wife! On the Ceremony Music page, find suggestions for each part of the ceremony: Prelude; Pre-Processional; Processional; Bride's Entrance; Ceremony; Unity Candle; Recessional; and Postlude.


Placeholder ImageReception Music

Music for your reception is far more important than simple background music at a restaurant. Reception music must be appropriate for the formality of your reception and should be determined by the mood and ambience you wish to create. On the Reception Music page, find explanations for each part of the reception: Cocktail Hour; Newlyweds' Entrance; Dinner Music; First Dance; Family Dances; Toasts; Bouquet Toss; Garter Removal and Toss; Cake Cutting; Ethnic Dances; Last Dance.


Placeholder Image"Tying the Knot" Trends

Understanding recent trends in music for Bridal Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions will ensure that your perfect wedding day will not be remembered for out-dated or inappropriate music choices. On the "Tying the Knot" Trends page, find examples of recent trends in music and ideas that could reduce the cost of your wedding celebration.


Placeholder ImageVendor Recommendations

Identifying all of the vendors who will contribute to the success of your wedding day is a daunting task. Typically, the bridal couple has never before arranged all of the services required for a wedding, and many are not certain who to trust for recommendations. On the Vendor Recommendations page, find the names and contact information for trusted vendors with whom SeaSoundStudio views as professionals in their fields and who have significant wedding experience.


Placeholder ImageDestination Weddings

Many bridal couples dream of a wedding on the beach, in the mountains or at an exclusive resort. Destination wedding planning presents a unique set of challenges because the bridal couple is often unfamiliar with venues, service providers and other wedding options. On the Destination Weddings page, find detailed information to plan a premier destination wedding on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and other coastal regions of the Carolinas with a wedding setting on the beach.


Placeholder ImageFrequently Asked Music Questions

When planning your wedding music, many questions may come to mind. When should I start planning my music and contacting

musicians? Do I plan the music first or contact the musicians first? How much will it cost and what can I do to stay within my budget? Must I forego my dream and my family's expectations of live music to stay within my budget? On the Frequently Asked Music Questions page, find answers to these and other questions.


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