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To audition Ken for your event, select one of the songs from the set list below the music player. For a list of songs in Ken's repertoire and to confirm her availability for the date of your event contact SeaSoundStudio.

Performance Fees

Ken's fee for a performance depends upon the number of musicians you wish to accompany him.  Contac SeaSoundStudio for more information.

Lawrence Welk Show Fans

If you are a devoted fan of The Lawrence Welk Show, you can recreate the spirit of the show by booking Ken Delo and Three "Wunnerful" Women, starring Mary Lou Metzger, Ava Barber & Gail Farrell. 

Ava Barber (the legendary country singer from The Lawrence Welk Show) is also available for booking alone or with other stars of The Lawrence Welk Show through SeaSoundStudio ENTERTAINMENT.

Bob Havens (the famous trombonist from The Lawrence Welk Show) is also available for booking through SeaSoundStudio ENTERTAINMENT.

Ken, Ava, Mary Lou, Gail and Bob can all be viewed every Saturday night on your local PBS television station when they appear on The Lawrence Welk Show -- the longest running syndicated television show in history.  Check your local listings for show times.

Ken Delo

Ken Delo has performed in almost every medium of the entertainment world.  From Alaska to Australia where he had his own Award-winning Television Show for many years, Ken has built an enormous following over his performing lifetime. 

He is available for bookings between his performances at the Champagne Theatre in Branson, Missouri where he has completed more than 1600 live stage performances since the theatre opened in 1994.

He has appeared in Motion Pictures, Television and Theater as well as on the Concert Stage, at Night Clubs and with Symphony Orchestras.  This entertainment star presents a class act demonstrating his versatility with a wide range of songs, featuring Romantic Ballads, Up-tempo tunes, Musical Comedy, Dramatic pieces and generous portions of sparkling comedy. Ken possesses an infectious personality which makes him a winner with ALL audiences! 

Add to all of this the fact that some thirty million viewers have watched him every week since 1969 on The Lawrence Welk Show,  a show that is still being shown weekly all across the U.S. and Canada, and you have some very strong reasons for booking this exciting performer.  Lawrence Welk often introduced Ken Delo as “the only man on our show who can do a whole show all by himself!”  His excellent singing, together with his flair for comedy, has a way of sweeping his audience up in the FUN of his show that appeals to all people.








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