Seeking Representation ?
If you are an experienced and professional band, entertainer or musician who is seeking representation, contact SeaSoundStudio to discuss your specialty, experience and performance goals. To be considered for representation by SeaSoundStudio, you must satisfy the requirements of the TIPS Program described in the main text.

Application for Representation
If you are interested in applying to SeaSoundStudio for representation, you will need to forward the following information to the Director, J. Patrice Kaluza, to begin the evaluation process:

  • Biography of Performing Group , including resumes of individual artists
  • Demo Audio CD
  • Photos of Group and individual artists
  • Video DVD of live performance
  • References, including contact information for venues at which the group has performed
  • List of performances during preceding two years

If your application is selected for further consideration, SeaSoundStudio will contact you to arrange for a time when your group can be evaluated during a live performance.

For a list of the bands, entertainers and musicians featured by SeaSoundStudio, see our Home Page. SeaSoundStudio also arranges bookings for many artists not featured on this web site. For additional information on those artists, contact us by clicking here..

Audio Clips
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Artist Management

SeaSoundStudio Entertainment booking agency was conceived and founded by professional musician, J. Patrice Kaluza, who has been active in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years as a Performer, Musical Director, Stage Director, Educator, Producer and Composer.  Patrice's experience as both a provider and purchaser of musical entertainment provides the knowledge required to assist you in selecting the ideal artist for your needs.

An avid artist with broad ranging interests, Patrice most enjoys opportunities to combine her musical abilities as an accomplished vocalist and instrumentalist with her artistic talents as a painter, interior designer and decor specialist.  For this reason, she particularly enjoys working with bridal couples and other individuals planning special events to develop a theme for their wedding or other special event that is reflected in all of the decorations, flowers, attire, announcements, programs and music.


Artists Represented

In addition to considering artists who request representation by SeaSoundStudio Entertainment, Patrice regularly scouts for talent throughout the United States to ensure the availability of the top performing artists to clients in the area. Utilizing her extensive experience in the entertainment industry, Patrice carefully auditions each of these artists to ensure they satisfy the rigorous requirements of SeaSoundStudio Entertainment's "TIPS" Program.

TIPS is an acronym for essential characteristics that every artist represented by SeaSoundStudio Entertainment must consistently demonstrate: Timeliness, Integrity, Professionalism and Satisfaction (of audiences).  Through a rigorous screening process and several interviews Patrice confirms that each artist seeking representation by SeaSoundStudio Entertainment satisfies the TIPS Program requirements as well as the following attributes.  Through this process, SeaSoundStudio Entertainment ensures that each of its artists satisfies the following high standards that distinguish its artists from artists represented by other local booking agencies:

~Significant experience meeting and exceeding the expectations of live audiences.
~Musical proficiency establishing the artist as one of the most talented in their field for the area, and in many cases one of the top artists in their field in the region or even in the United States.  In fact, one of the artists represented by SeaSoundStudio Entertainment is generally recognized as the best artist in his field in the world.
~Excellent reputation for Professionalism, Timeliness and Integrity
~Demonstrated ability to engage audiences in an enjoyable entertainment experience.

Clients of SeaSoundStudio Entertainment can book any of the artists represented by the agency with the assurance that the artist satisfies these stringent requirements and that the artists will thoughtfully and respectfully consider any special requests of the client to improve the entertainment experience.  The roster of artists represented by SeaSoundStudio include soloists from the North Carolina Symphony as well as regionally recognized artists and national celebrities.

SeaSoundStudio Entertainment proudly represents a broad variety of entertainers (from harpists and strolling musicians to bag pipers and a Steel Drum Band) who can enhance any special event.  Through artists represented by SeaSoundStudio and artists represented by other agencies in her network of contacts, Patrice can provide the right entertainment for your event locally, regionally or nationally from small, private parties to conventions and season series for large theatres.


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